Spring Summer 2024 Runway

Memories. Imprinted.

Feng’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is inspired by Feng's childhood memories of her grandmother: of accompanying her on walks through the mountains and alongside the meandering rivers in her hometown in Fujian, China. precious memories, as if imprinted deeply, have left Feng with deep senses of love and nostalgia till this day.

This season, Wang wanted to celebrate these memories by recreating them using an ancient botanical contact printing method. Working with local Chinese artisans, Feng selected some of her grandmother’s favourite plants like onions, gallnuts, eucalyptus and apple leaves and pounded them onto traditional Chinese silk; the colors, form and veins of each botanical clearly imprinted onto the fabric.

Each plant is like a memory of life, each expressing an exuberance and tenacity for life; each one remembering the passing on of tradition. From there, new unique Feng patterns emerge this season. They transcend time and space, almost like a conversation with the past to preserve a love so pure, it never dies.