A collaborative partnership with Nike – designing a collection for Mamba Mentality Week’s NikeLab Amplifier, exclusive custom Nike Air Jordan 1 to sculptural installation artwork for the launch of Nike Air VaporMax.



We were invited to be part of Nike Mamba Mentality Week’s NikeLab Amplifier in Shanghai to design the jersey and championship ring for Mambacita league. Interpreting the Mamba values of: Passion, Optimism, Resilience, Relentlessness & Fearlessness – the collection is inspired by the youthfulness, spirit and history of the first women's basketball team in 1892, “steeped in tradition, some of it frustrating, most of it fascinating” – Sally Jenkins, WNBA, 1997.

The result is a series of garments that incorporate our Rework concept – to reuse and recreate with existing materials at hand; upcycle and redesign – to create new pieces with our signature 2-in-1 design technique. Bringing in a dimension of narrative where tailoring and craftsmanship are united with an iconic and the classics.

Image: The Big C Society

The women’s basketball championship ring is designed by combining the NBA championship ring with the black mamba snake and deconstructing the conventional shape of the ring. The mamba snake wraps itself like an 8 around the number 24 – two iconic numbers for Kobe Bryant.

As part of the NikeLab Amplifier exhibition, we created a site-specific installation to translate Mamba values in a physical space – a symbolic piece to portray the spirit of growth and strength. The tree is wrapped with basketball skin to emphasise the layer of strength and resilience, while creating a sense of tranquility.

The exhibition included a Master Class workshop where Feng was invited as a guest speaker to share her experience as a designer, the collection and her practice and design processes – to inspire the next generation of creative makers.

The collaboration with Air Jordan 1 translates the Autumn Winter 18 collection in three-dimensional form. The collection title, “The Way Home”, is embedded as an embroidery label applied at the heel, and individual bronze letterings treasured inside transparent pockets that follows the pattern of the outer construction of the shoe.

Image: Highsnobiety

Image: Highsnobiety

Image: Highsnobiety

Invited by Nike to premier their new Air Jordan 1 FlyKnit with a set of Feng Chen Wang custom Air Jordan High models during Spring Summer 18 runway show. The nike swoosh logo and its tongue were customised with hand stitched and deconstructed Feng Chen Wang garment labels – resulting each pair to become one-of-a-kind.

Photography: Collective

Feng Chen Wang was invited to be part of NikeLab’s “The Vision-Airs” exhibition to explore the techniques behind Nike Air and celebrate the release of Nike Air VaporMax.

Feng draws on the history and evolution of Nike Air to present a future vision of air in motion as air in harmony with the body. Echoing the futuristic new technologies at the core of VaporMax, air cushions interlock to create modular components, enfolding and protecting the body, allowing flexible repurposing and functionality, in all manner of situations, and redrawing the profile in potentially infinite ways.

The adaptability and vision of the design hints at the possibility of garments that can grow and reshape indefinitely, into new scales and structures, offering freedom, volume without mass, and the potential for the body to engage with and to reshape localized space. In these garments, discrete air units combine into flexible, integrated and holistic manifestations, with limitless possibilities.

Photography: Collective