‘Lanyinhuabu’ is unique to China’s Fuijian Provence, where Feng was born, but is now only practiced by a few elderly artisans. Feng went in search of people who still make this fabric and, after visiting five villages, finally found a workshop that did.

Selected fabrics for Spring Summer 20 collection are hand dyed using the same traditional technique to create ‘Lanyinhuabu’ – a plant-based starch resist dye mixing soya paste, lime chalk and natural indigo dye called ‘Dian Qing Ran’ which is extracted from locally-grown plants.

Plant-based resist dying has low colour fastness, detailing the end result with a softer colour that feels natural; raw and unfinished. The beauty of this technique is in its colour shading that varies due to the plant habitat and weather seasons, resulting with no two garments the same.

By incorporating such beautiful craft into our collection, we aim to continue such traditional craftsmanship for generations to come.