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A series of collaborations with Levi’s that explores the narrative of heritage with a contemporary interpretation of Feng Chen Wang’s signature technical deconstruction and conceptual approach to design.

The Feng Chen Wang x 501® collaboration draws on the story of an iconic garment: the 501 jean. Visiting Levi's archive in San Francisco, Feng noticed how different models of the 501 related to different groups of people, and how the wear and wash of each pair related to a specific person and the life they lived.

When it came to reinterpreting the 501, Feng looked at six different models from throughout history: the original 501 from 1873, the Cowboy jean from 1933, the Red Tab jean from 1937, the WWII jean from 1944, the Post-War jean from 1947, and the Zipper jean from 1954.

The collection is an amalgamation of these designs, which have been spliced together through - in her words - "a layer by layer approach". Referencing all six pairs, the collection is a sartorial biography of the 501, narrating the jean's story from its 19th-century origins through to its post-war evolution and the present day. Her design at once historical and futuristic, reflecting her own innovative aesthetic.

Feng Chen Wang was invited by Levi’s to customise the Type III Levi’s Trucker jacket as part of its 50th anniversary of the iconic garment.

Feng went and found vintage Levi’s trucker jackets from markets across London, and combined them into one voluminous piece – a physical and conceptual metaphor to the Trucker jacket’s history, and to collectively tell the stories and memories from the past 50 years in one piece.