The second part of an ongoing series that celebrates community, relationship, and the interconnectedness of human beings.

We meet three couples: Lilith Newson and Arthur J Griffiths, who are non-binary partners and creative collaborators; Kesia and Jemima Magner, who are sisters and business partners; and Eugenia and CJ, who are a married non-binary couple.

Dressed in Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2022 collection, these couples speak on the topics of life and love; meaning and memory; and above all, the importance of community and relationship.

As for the collection, it bears all the hallmarks of our future-modern, authentic and multidimensional aesthetic. The collection focuses on the tonality of colours – soft and subtle shades of black, blue, brown and pink – and the materiality of fabric. Marrying smart and casual wear, it brings together elements of tailoring and streetwear, with irreverent splashes of camouflage, denim and print.

These clothes carry with them a sense of ease. Peaceful and pleasing in appearance, they whisper not shout, with an emphasis on comfort instead of confrontation. In fact, the very construction of these garments nods to the idea and ideals of relationships: the use of translucent fabric alludes to transparency; the emphasis on comfort points to our desire for just that, comfort; while the connectedness of the pieces points to the need for us to come together.

After all, following this period of confinement, social upheaval and isolation, what could be more important than that?